I AM LOVE Once Rakesh broke up with me. He then chose to continue with his ex. This came to me like a hammer. I remember how upset I was. I also remember that it felt as if I had lost love, lost it. A time of great missing came. In fact, that missing did not go away...

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Last night

Last night. I lay in bed. "He soon comes with me." I think. I'm looking forward.   And then he doesn't come. For me it takes a very long time. And then something happens in me. I'm closing. The feeling of rejoicing turns 90 degrees and gives way to a feeling of...

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He Stays

There I am on the dance floor. With a blindfold. The man who dances me holds me in a way that I find unpleasant … and I feel a ‘no’ welling up. It is time that I stand up for this, and show him with my hands that I don’t want to be touched. All kinds of fears shoot...

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