Lately I’ve been feeling happy down to my toes. A kind of tickle in my stomach when I wake up and go to sleep.
A kind of ‘wow’ for life itself.
A kind of existential joy and gratitude. As if every second I’m here is a gift to enjoy.
I can think of all sorts of reasons why, but I don’t really know why. It’s a feeling.
It’s a kind of deep coming home.
It’s like harvesting after years of hard process work. A kind of reward.
It’s like a lot of drama is being cut off. As if things that I used to hook more on now have few hooks.
A feeling of ‘what’s ‘wrong’ with the way things are?
As if I coincide with life itself. A low struggle has fallen away.
And then I also notice, for example, that misery in films just doesn’t resonate with me, and I leave the cinema. Why would I watch something like that?
It’s not a denial of misery at all, but don’t feel any reason to concern myself with it.
A long time ago I also received some counter reactions to my post that argued against the motto ‘good vibes only’.
Even though I still get my point I made there, I now also understand the counter reactions to that post.
I can now also see that part in myself (and others) where we just DON’T want to fully step into our happiness and light, maybe even get a little addicted to our drama and victim story!
Of course I have been working with people in my groups for a long time and have also noticed it several times, how our wound, our life trauma can become a huge new coat rack, identity, excuse for the rest of our lives.
Even though there is no judgment for that, I also believe in a loving strictness sometimes.
I had that too when I broke up with my love many years ago.
At one point I was lovingly guided from within “it is now really time to LEAVE that victim story, stop responding to it, and CHOOSE another focus”
I believe this point can be very important and that sometimes things don’t feel quite ‘natural’ but also require a certain masculine energy, a certain maturity to step out of the victim narrative.
It is also a piece of ego identity to create problems and yes buts. While we certainly don’t want to go to a spiritual bypass, it is also necessary at some point to see through this ‘game’ that never really ends and make contact with another starting point in which there is a carrying capacity for all ‘problems’.
Lately I’ve been seeing an almost bizarre element in it. We have so many luxuries (especially here) as people, and why do so few people enjoy them? At least it seems that way to me sometimes.
In my opinion, it is time for collective process work.
Through the mud, through the misery, to feel everything through, to shake everything loose, yes certainly!
And when the time comes choose a new story, see that we are there to enjoy and play and not take things TOO seriously..
This is a post that points to the lightness of being.
And yes a part of me also thinks ‘people don’t find this interesting’, but yes that is the essence of this post.
The research question: to what extent are we addicted to misery, drama? From unconscious old beliefsā€¦
To what extent can we allow pure happiness and joy?

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