I lay in bed. He came. I texted him that things weren’t going so well.
And then I know it’s true again: that which I had felt a while ago from my clear knowledge, but which I had forgotten a bit.
It’s the fear of my ‘dark power’.
It is the memory that my ‘dark power’ was suppressed, tortured, murdered.

With or during my moontime I can emotionally ‘slip’ quite a bit, then I can suddenly get into a pit of sadness which goes down more and more like a kind of spiral.
“That’s part of it” they sometimes say or “those are the hormones”.
But I can’t do much with that.
And now, again, it became so clear again.
The dark power that enters during the moon time, that raw power, unconsciously there is often a lot of oppression and ’that’s the evil’ what is made of it.

In this way we suppress an essential part of who we are!
Anyway, I see that many people don’t understand ‘dark power’, they immediately think of something nasty or ‘wrong’.
There is collective confusion here.
I would call it an amputation.
Dark power is essential. It is your power from your pelvis, from the earth, from your sexuality.

You wanted power.
And then, with his help, I was able to integrate that ‘dark power’ again, bring it back to my body, reclaim it.
And then, my energy shifted from contraction to expansion.
From pain to strength.
And then I remember. I remember again. And also I remember how important it is that I bring this part into the world.

Because I think that being sick, being tired etc (especially during a moontime) is much more often related to the unconscious suppression of dark power.
No one can suppress or keep me small anymore…the connection with ’that’ is too strong for that…
I’m freeing myself more and more and more…and yes that’s quite intense sometimes, because Jesus I see so much, so much, and it’s not always pretty.

Here’s the statement:
I claim back all parts of me that are mine. All parts of power that belong to ME. I break free from any chains of untruth, from any chains of the past that are not serving me. And so it is.

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