Conscious Relating - Open Classes

* Learn to center yourself/ stay with yourself within connection
* Learn to communicate from your desires, needs and authenticity
* Experience the power of other couples and their sharings/ the recognition

* Experience 90 minutes of ‘quality time’ for you and your partner
* Experience tantric meditations for you and your partner that you can also do at home
* Experience Conscious Touch exercises for you and your partner
* All exercises are between you and your partner



During this 90 minutes class, we wil explore the power of Connection. We will share what give us joy and also what might challenge us.

We will learn to stay Present with all there is in that moment, so that all is seen and loved. In this way the connection between you and your partner with strengthen and blossom.

Suitable for beginners/curious minded people too. Plenty of room for your questions and we are happy to explain things.






This class will take place every second and fourth Thursday of the Month and is part of a series of classes we offer in the Conscious studio.

The price of this class is only 15 euro per class. Please take it when you come and pay cash. It is also possible to pay with a ’tikkie’. Let Elfriede know in advance.

door open: 18:45
start: 19:00 (no latecomers can come in!)
end: 20:30

Send an email to if you want to come. It can be that it is full so make sure to always mail first.

Next to this class, we also offer

Mens group (same day as this event, 21h start – 2130)

Relation Dynamics (first and third Thurs 19-2030)
Tao Tantra for Women (first and third Thurs 21-2130)


Looking forward!!

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