Priestess retreat Ibiza, 6th - 10th of May 2024

Remember your nature
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Did you know you are a magical being?


That you are powerful beyond measure and this power is waiting for you to say ‘yes’ to?




This retreat is for women who feel called to liberate themselves from old stories.


Women who feel called to fully claim their magic back and land back in their house: their pelvis.

This retreat is an initiation, a journey to connect your soul and body.


We allow ourselves to become a channel between heaven&earth and find our ground back.

By opening our bodies for a bigger intelligence, we Remember.


We Remember we Know. We Know something very deep and profound. Something that has nothing to do with the rational mind but is all about embracing the mystery of life.

A magical Journey of Healing

This retreat is for them who feel called to be initiated in the full spectrum of being a human.




What are we going to do in this retreat?
* embodiment practices
* (blindfolded) free flow dancing
* chakra dance
* Tantric Dance


* womb journeys and rituals
* rituals in nature
* water blessing ceremony
* breast massage


* Taoist energy practices
* sounding excercises
* yin yoga/grounding practices


Elfriede is active in this field for more then 10 years, and she practices what she preaches. Her life is an offering to the bigger intelligence and she lives every day guided and from a place of deep listening. Trained as a Healing Tao instructor, and many years of experience in the tantric field, she brings in the best of both worlds. Elfriede is a channel and lets herself be inspired by what comes through in the moment. Every time opening up for ‘what wants to happen’.

She is known for her safe spaces in which people feel welcomed with all there is, she is someone who brings true transformation and ready to open magical doorways for you!

Ibiza is magic

Diving deep in the Unknown

This retreat is being held in Sant Carles, the exact location you get when you are subscribed.

The retreat starts with lunch at 13 o clock on Monday the 6th of May and ends also with lunch at 13 o clock on Friday the 10th of May.


The investment of this retreat is 888,-. This is including food and accomodation.
I have an early bird price till 1st of October: -50 euro!
A private room we can discuss.

Excluding travel to the island.


Send a whatsapp to +31 6 18 18 95 85.


It is obligated to mention any psychic or health condition that might influence your participation on the retreat before subscription!


Looking forward,

In loving service,


Elfriede and Miranda

Magic is real. YOU ARE magic.

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