Definately my biggest challenge at the moment, is dealing with my jealousy.

I was always the type that was really free and I thought jealousy was something I didnt know.

Till this relationship and I hit very hard on this. I never expected to meet jealousy in this full on power.

I feel there is something in the feminine collective, a very deep wounding where we got this women to women fight, seeing other women as a danger and going very far in this battle.

Some time ago at the Ängsbacka tantra festival I did an excercise with my man and another women, and constantly I got the message that the healing was so much about me and the other woman.

I feel there is a big field to heal between women in honouring each others beauty and finding trust again together.

Some weeks ago I was at a party with my man and the jealousy hit me hard, but something has changed. I could stay in my own middle – centre.

The reaction was still there but I kept staying on my own legs and saw the reaction coming and going.

I am sharing this because I think a lot of women in intimate relationship have this, and I want to point out the importance of reaching out from women to women.

And also to remember our own wholeness, our own earth.

It is as old as history that women got (literally) dependant on other man and we energetically stood on the ground of our man, this is a wound that is ready to be healed now.

We as women should stand on our own ground, and we are ready to carry ourselves.

With the support of sisters.

In that way we can unchain our man and they can really start opening their heart toward us.

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